Maria Pokluda

I am passionate about helping families prepare for and achieve a positive birth experience and I am dedicated to supporting women through the life-changing event of birth. I would be honored to accompany you on your journey to becoming a parent be it for the first or the fifteenth time. I attend births anywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and at births taking place in a hospital, a birth center or at home. I feel very comfortable in each of these settings. Over my years as a doula, I have attended over 200 births that have included the births of twins, VBACs, waterbirths, births with epidurals and without…and everything in between. Each one is special and I still usually get teary watching the miracle of birth each time.

Besides my doula work, I am a wife and a mother of 4 children. I became a parent after dealing with fertility issues and through that process I gained an interest in pregnancy, childbirth and supporting women as they build their families. I have personally had a variety of birth experiences ranging from one with all the bells and whistles at a hospital, to one that occurred with a midwife in my home. After the birth of my 3rd child, I completed my doula certification and also trained to become a childbirth educator. Since then I have attended over 200 births and taught countless childbirth classes. I still love what I do!
I believe women are strong and our bodies were designed to give birth. I believe most women are capable of birthing without medical intervention, however, I believe medical intervention can serve a valid purpose. There is no one perfect way to give birth, each mother and each situation is unique. I believe women should be fully informed and educated on their choices in birth so that they can achieve the birth they desire.

Maria, mom to Ashby, Reese, Wes and baby Dalton
Great Expectations Doula Services & Childbirth Education

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