Kristy Kapp

Profile-Pic-3I grew up in a small community in east Texas and moved to Denton County about 11 years ago. I worked for over ten years as a Computed Tomography Technologist (CT tech) and a Radiologic Technologist (x-ray tech). Three of those years I also served as the Imaging Supervisor of an outpatient and stand-alone emergency center. I also worked a year in IT in the Imaging department of a hospital. I have several years of experience in working in the emergency department (ER) and the operating room (OR) as well as with both inpatients and out patients. After many years working as About Kristypart of a medical team, I am very comfortable in medical situations. “Gross factor” has never been a problem for me and I have always been known to be very calm in stressful situations.

Even though labor is not necessarily an emergency situation and the mother is not sick, delivering a child can be stressful for the mother and father. Often just being reassured that this is normal goes a long way to making a family more at ease. From time-to-time, a situation may arise where the labor or delivery diverts from normal and the situation requires more attention. Being able to keep a family calm in such situations can make all the difference in the world.

Working in radiology, I was often asked to perform an exam on a patient that was in a great deal of pain and/or fear/anxiety. One of the skills that made me very good at my job was being able to keep a patient calm and work with the him/her to find a way to perform the exam while keeping him/her as comfortable as possible. A doula’s most vital skill is to be able to keep mom and dad calm and work as a team to help mom stay as relaxed and as comfortable as possible.

Taking the time to really listen to clients and provide them with information they need to make informed decisions empowers parents and prepares them to be pillars of strength for their new families.

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